Shopper reveals trick to check how much you’ve EVER spent on Amazon & is shocked when her total is £21k

A SHOPPER has revealed a trick to check how much you've ever spent on Amazon, and was horrified by her own result.

Kim Harrigan, from the US, discovered she'd spent more than $28,000 (£21,000) on the site since January 2012 – gasping "no wonder Jeff Besos is so rich".

The TikTok video has been viewed more than 500,000 times in just four days, but people say they are "not brave enough" to look at their own total.

Narrating her video, Kim says: "Ran a report on Amazon to see how much we've spent over the years.

"Didn't think it would be too much. Hmm okay this is taking a while.

"Oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god, holy s*** why isn't it stopping? No wonder Jeff Besos is so effing rich."

How to find your total Amazon spend

The 'order report feature' Kim used is only available to customers with a US Amazon account. According to reports, it was previously available in the UK but was removed last year.

To find your total spend:

  1. Click on profile tab on the top right of your Amazon homepage and select 'account'.
  2. Go to the 'order and shopping preferences' subhead and select the 'download order reports' link.
  3. A page will appear that allows you to input the start and end date for the search. To find your total Amazon spend, make the 'start' date the same as when you signed up for your Amazon account.
  4. Amazon will generate a spreadsheet which you can use to calculate the grand total.

UK users can submit a request for a downloadable version of their order history – at your peril.

The clip, which is done to the soundtrack of Kreepa's song Oh No, is titled "There must be a mistake…"

When the spreadsheet finally stops generating, Kim is left with a list of 952 orders – some of which are as small as $5.

But her total spend is a gobsmacking $28,425.49 (£20,900) – or about a year's salary for many people.

After finding her score, Kim, dressed in a pink dressing gown, sheepishly closes her laptop while looking upset.

Commenting on the clip, other TikTok viewers admitted: "Thank you for this information however I will not be doing this for my mental health" and "I am NEVER looking at this."

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