Shopper claims Poundland’s £1 stain remover removed grubby make-up marks off her carpet – The Sun

A SHOPPER has praised a £1 cleaning product for getting orange make-up marks off her carpet.

The woman posted impressive before and after pictures to Facebook group Extreme Couponing & Bargains UK, run by money-saving mum Holly Smith.

It was Xanto's Diamond carpet and sofa foam that the woman used to transform her mucky floor.

Captioning her post, she wrote: "Amazing carpet and sofa stain remover from Poundland for £1.

"Had make up over my carpet and this has got rid of it all!! [sic]."

Her photos appeared to show that a number of foundation splodges had been completely removed.

When she was asked how she used the product, the woman explained: "I just used a sponge and scrubbed it for a while then put some more on it and scrubbed it [sic].

"Left it for 2 hours then hoovered it and could still see a little bit so done it again but didn't hoover it again.

"My make up has been on there for a while as well so I didn't think it would work but it has."

Other members of the group were clearly wowed by the results – the post has since racked up over 500 likes and 270 comments.

One person wrote: "No way I need some of this!"

Another said: "Been looking for a good carpet cleaner for a cheap price I have a cream carpet and it's so hard to keep clean will be getting 5 bottles of this tomorrow [sic]."

Some joined her in raving about the foam, with one commenting: "I use this to clean my pushchair too it's amazing x."

Another commented: "Yes!!! I agree… I cleaned a very pale cream rug in my lounge with this last week.

"Smothered it with the foam, wiped it in and left it for two hours, hoovered up as instructed and couldn't believe the difference!"

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