Scientist who worked at Nasa claps back at sexist Hinge match who asked if she was ‘the receptionist’ – The Sun

A ROCKET scientist has shared the toe-curling message she received on a dating app from a man asking if she was ‘the receptionist’ for NASA.

Singleton Dr Lauren McKeown, who has a PhD, was looking for love on Hinge, when a bloke struck up a conversation.

Lauren had included an answer on her dating profile under ‘the dorkiest thing about me is’, saying ‘I worked at NASA’.

He was seemingly impressed, and left a comment saying: “F*** me that’s cool. Wait till I tell my parents.”

After Lauren invited him to chat, things swiftly went downhill.

He started the conversation with: “So what are you, like the receptionist?

“Jk you look reasonably smart.”

Clearly not impressed, Lauren replied: “Smart enough to know at least, that judging a woman’s intelligence based on her appearance might not be the best way to initiate conversation.

“PS. My mother is a primary school reception and is the wisest, most inspiration and kindest person I know.

“So much so in fact, my PhD thesis in planetary science is dedicated to her.”

Lauren then ended the chat with a waving hand.

The planetary scientist shared screengrabs of the conversation on Twitter, captioning the post: “And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why I am single.”

And she updated her followers, confirming he tried to pass off his sexist remark as a ‘joke’.

Lauren said: “Worst part was he tried to pass it off as a joke and ‘I shouldn’t take myself too seriously’.

“I think it’s something we don’t talk about much on here – that people still THINK it’s a compliment to imply your appearance doesn’t align with ‘how a scientist looks’.

“The most infuriating part is this guy probably thought he was implying I looked good by that statement."

Lauren’s post on social media has racked up more than 160,000 likes, as people roasted the bloke for his tactless remark.

One person said: “Christ. ‘Reasonably smart’… i.e. I deem you to have met my low estimation of maximum female intelligence.”

Another wrote: “It doesn't sound like [he's] has realized that women are also human beings.”

A third posted: “Yeah but I'd rather be single forever than date d**** like that.”

While this person added: “Why on EARTH would you think this is a good way to flirt with someone?”

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