Sarah Ferguson wears brooch that may honour Queen’s ‘journey home’

Queen's funeral: Sarah Ferguson enters Westminster Abbey

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Sarah joined her daughters, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie at Westminster Abbey this morning to pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II. Members of the Royal Family were the last to file into the Abbey, as they followed heads of state and other guests.

The Duchess of York opted for a chic ensemble of black jacket and midi skirt.

The jacket was peplum-like as it was cinched at the waist before billowing out a little over Sarah’s hips.

It had a peter-pan collar and buttons running down its centre.

Sarah matched this with a mid-length, slightly pleated skirt and sheer black tights.

As for accessories, Sarah wore a silver brooch and a pair of small, silver earrings.

She donned black gloves and carries a small black clutch bag.

But one accessory stood out above the rest: the Duchess’ brooch was in the shape of a swallow, complete with outstretched wings and forked tail.

It was pinned to Sarah’s left lapel and sparkled in the London sun.

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The brooch was significant as it paid a clear tribute to the late monarch. According to Elmwood’s jewellery, swallows were deemed a symbol of safety during the Victorian era as sailors who saw swallows at sea knew land was nearby.

They would guide sailors home and, therefore, could symbolise a journey – similar to the one the Queen is now taking, at the time of writing, to her resting place.

Elmwood’s said: “Swallow brooches were often given to loved ones when they set out on a journey to keep them safe so they returned home safely.

“Swallows were also associated with faithfulness and so were often given to young couples on their wedding day.”

Sarah also wore the brooch to the wedding of Lady Gabriella Windsor and Thomas Kingston in 2019, again representing a journey – but, this time, a completely different one.

Additionally, the swallow brooch is a reference to the natural world, which again could be a tribute to the Queen.

The late monarch was happiest in nature, surrounded by her animals.

This could be the reason why Camilla, Queen Consort, was seen wearing nature-related brooches last week.

Camilla donned a stick insect brooch on September 14 and a moth-shaped brooch on September 17.

The moth brooch could signify change and transformation, which is true of Britain as the Elizabethan era ends and the Carolean age begins.

Speaking to, celebrity stylist Miranda Holder said: “While there is no obvious, traceable link to Queen Elizabeth, the emblem of the moth signifies change, transformation and resurrection in some cultures.

“So, perhaps it is being worn to honour the Queen’s ‘onward journey’ into the next life, whilst acknowledging her husband and his transformation of ascending to the throne as King.”

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