Sarah Ferguson is enchanting in ‘wonderful’ emerald dress for latest appearance – ‘classy’

Sarah Ferguson dazzled on the red carpet yesterday at the Filming Italy Festival 2022. She wore a floor-length emerald gown.

The Duchess of York turned heads as she arrived at the event.

The top of the dress was made from emerald velvet.

This contrasted the skirt of the dress which was silk.

The dress cinched in the Duchess’ waist.

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While the dress was relatively simple in that it had only one colour, there was one statement piece.

A long train of velvet hung down on one side of the dress which complemented the satin skirt.

Yesterday wasn’t the first time Fergie has worn a green ensemble.

She stepped out at her daughter, Princess Eugenie’s, wedding in a marvellous green knee-length dress.

The Duchess paired this with a bold wide-brimmed hat in the same colour, which boasted a camel coloured decoration too.

Emerald is a fabulous colour on Fergie as it complements her fiery hair and complexion.

Yesterday, Sarah paired her dress with dangly pearl earrings.

She also wore an array bracelets on both wrists.

One was a blue string bracelet featuring a green heart.

Another was black and featured a crucifix.

On the other hand she wore two more delicate barely-there bracelets.

The third was a fabulous gold and diamond bangle.

The Duchess tied the look together with a pair of sheer black tights.

As for her handbag, the royal opted for an emerald suede clutch.

Notably, the Duchess wore a blue and yellow pin in support of Ukraine.

When it came to makeup, Fergie went for classic glamour with pink lips, blush and bronze toned eye makeup to make her blue eyes pop.

Royal fans took to Instagram to praise the Duchess’ latest look.

@lexienewell said: “Sarah looking stunning.”

@jimmyjacobsjr added: “Stunning and classy as [sic] always.”

@petra_reimann1960 commented: “Wonderful dress, fits her so well, Sarah beautiful as always.”

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