Pregnant mum-of-eight shares her mammoth Christmas present haul including 16 pairs of pyjamas and 48 candy canes

A PREGNANT mum-of-eight has showed off the massive haul of presents she bought for her kids – including 16 pairs of pyjamas.

Jamerrill Stewart, from the US, regularly shares her meal prep and bulk freezer recipes online – but this time she was sharing her pile of Christmas shopping.

The mum has been hitting up Costco and Walmart as she prepares for the big day, which includes Christmas Eve goodies for her kids. 

As well as her own children, Jamerrill is also hosting her mum and her daughter-in-law, so she bagged both women a load of gifts in her epic Christmas haul. 

While she gets all her kids some new pyjamas, she confessed she also buys her oldest ‘who’s a married adult’ a PJ set, as well as bath and razor sets for him and his wife. 

“I’m not getting Lego sets if you’re 20 or older,” she noted. 

In the latest video on her YouTube channel she showed fans the pile of nightwear she got, which she called her “Christmas eve pyjama stack”. 

She added: “Everyone is getting a fresh robe.”

The mum showed off a sparkly unicorn hooded fleece onesie, and another one covered in stars while she bagged a third designed like a mermaid. 

And for her boys, she picked up some Supermario pjs, some shark pyjamas, as well as sets themed like Snoopy and Lilo and Stitch. 

The mum confessed: “I like to get the kids each two sets”

It was warm clothes all round, as the mum admitted she also needed to buy her kids new coats as well. 

She showed off at least eight different jackets, as well as pointing out a cardigan she couldn’t resist buying for herself, as she’s a ‘sucker for olive green’.

Jamerrill said: “I’ll get flour and spaghetti sauce on it, because that’s just how I roll.” 

She also splashed out on some pink and black Calvin Klein hoodies for her girls, as she said: “She’ll get lots of good use out of those”. 

And the mum-to-be couldn’t resist buying outfits for her new baby, as she showed off adorable onesies covered in dinosaurs and dogs. 

“These were so cute. How could I not,” the mum gushed. 

She also bagged some Adidas hoodies for her boys who are ‘growing like pondweed’. 

Jamerrill filmed her table piled high with gifts, with chocolates, a plush throw, books and a Yankee Candle, smelling like ‘Home Sweet Home’. 

The mum revealed: “I started working on stocking stuffers too, we let the kids open their stockings when they get their pyjamas on Christmas eve.”

As part of the stocking haul Jamerrill showed off Barbie dolls, Frozen lip balms, hand cream, Lego Friends, a 3D nail kit, perfume, glitter eyeshadow, emoji notepads and paperclips.

There were Paw Patrol and Sonic the Hedgehog DVDs, while her “little boys” stockings included Paw Patrol toys and Lego sets.

“I don’t know about your house, but Paw Patrol dinosaurs that’s like all we search on YouTube, so we got Chase with a dinosaur and a tyrannosaurus set,” she joked. 

Her sons can also look forward to opening Minecraft goodies, and an adorable miniature Etch-a-Sketch.

But she couldn't resist picking up another treat for herself, showing off five pairs of earring she grabbed. 

Jamerill said: “These earrings are for nobody but me, myself and I. I got five pairs 

“They all came home with me for my ears.” 

Lastly, the mum showed off 48 striped candy canes she bought – admitting she thought she’d picked up another box. 

She said: “I’m going to let the kids, this afternoon, get the candy canes all over the tree.

“Maybe next Tuesday at 2pm, on a school day going strong, I’ll say ok everyone take a break and get a candy cane. I offer them at different times for them to eat.”

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