Post Malone’s Second Collaboration With Crocs Sells Out In Less Than 10 Minutes

Rapper Post Malone released his second shoe design with Crocs on Tuesday afternoon, called Post Malone x Crocs Barbed Wire Clog, which reportedly sold out in under 10 minutes. Although the limited edition Crocs are no longer available at this time, Post Malone’s custom Jibbitz (the charms that can be added to Crocs) can still be purchased online.

The Post Malone x Crocs Barbed Wire Clogs are bright yellow with images of barbed wire cutting through the shoes, mirroring the design of Post Malone’s beerbongs & bentleys album. The lateral heels of the shoes bear the rapper’s signature “POSTY CO.”

In addition to the shoes, the rapper also designed six new charms, including a saw blade, a snake, a “PM-2” logo, the phrase “Stay away in cursive, POSTY CO., and his yellow devil logo, according to Hypebeast.

The Crocs were available for $59.99 on the official Crocs website as well as in five U.S. Crocs locations.

Post Malone shared a photo on Twitter of himself wearing the signature shoes the day before their release. The rapper leaned against a cabinet in a dim room, wearing a dark red plaid cardigan, a black top, and black jeans. The yellow Crocs stood out on his feet.

“Why’s Post Malone actually making me consider buying f***ing crocs,” one fan wrote in reply to the rapper’s tweet.

While many fans shared their success in purchasing a pair of the shoes, some said they were unable to get their hands on the new Crocs.

“How was getting post malone crocs harder than any concert tickets I’ve tried to get,” someone wrote on Twitter.

Post Malone’s first collaboration with Crocs in November also sold out in less than a day, according to Business Insider. The original design featured a white classic Croc with the yellow devil in a repeating pattern across the shoes. A small collection of Jibbitz was also released at the time.

“If you like something, go get it,” Post Malone said in a statement about the release, which Bustle reported. “I wear Crocs everywhere from the bar to the stage and I felt it was the perfect collaboration to get together with Crocs and give the fans what they’ve been asking for.”

Likewise, Crocs felt that Post Malone was an excellent fit to design a pair of their shoes. Crocs Chief Marketing Officer Terence Reilly said that the rapper got the brand’s attention in “record-setting year.”

“Post Malone is a beloved creator and represents what it means to be comfortable in your own shoes, so collaborating on product design is special,” Reilly said.

There is no word yet on any future collaborations or if the previous designs will come back.

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