People think I’m 25 and are stunned when they discover my real age – I’m lucky, I’ve aged well

A WOMAN who appears to have defied the ageing process has stunned TikTok viewers by revealing she's actually 39.

Vita, from Latvia, frequently shares videos of herself on the social media site, in which she shows off her taut complexion and enviable figure.

In a recent video, Vita explained that she was "born in 1982" and now it's 2022, she'll be turning 40 this year.

But her admirers couldn't believe it, and took to the comments section to express their shock at learning her real age.

"You look about 25," one person wrote, while another added: "only 40, you look 25!"

"Happy 25th birthday gorgeous," another person added, while someone else commented: "Doesn't even look a day over 25!"

In a similar video posted last month, Vita responded to a call for "Seventies, eighties and nineties babies" to "drop those videos" to see how well they've aged.

As she posed for the camera in a tight red top and white trousers, her youthful appearance again sparked multiple comments from viewers.

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"You look absolutely incredible," one man wrote, while somebody else added: "You look better for an 80s baby than I do."

Another video saw Vita donning her "favourite colour" of black once again, as she told followers a little about herself.

Facts included her age, that she's from Latvia and that she "has a lover"- something that's sure to disappoint many of her single fans.

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