People are raving about Home Bargains’ 99p baskets which hook onto the side of your bed

A MUM has been hailed a genius for buying a 99p basket from Home Bargains to hook onto the side of her bed so she doesn’t lose her items. 

The savvy woman said the purse-friendly bargain is ideal for storing her TV control and phone charger, and people said they are keen to copy her. 

Taking to the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, she shared a photo of her handy basket in action. 

She wrote: “99p in home bargains, I used it as side of the bed storage for my control and charger.”

After being shared just hours ago, it has already racked up over 5,400 likes from impressed shoppers. 

One person raved: “isnt this a great idea for kids.”

Another added: “perfect for the shower too!”

And one commented: “This would be ideal for my eldest as she is constantly forgetting where she puts her glasses when she wakes up xx”

If it stops us losing our chargers we are certainly sold on the idea!

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