People are only just realising the correct way to open a meal deal sandwich & it's been obvious all along | The Sun

THE real way people are supposed to open a meal deal sandwich has been revealed – and people are shocked they didn't notice it before.

A clip uploaded on TikTok has left people amazed as so many never knew the easiest way to open their Tesco meal deal sandwiches.

The person filming showed fellow TikTok users a small indent on the side of the box that reads: "Peel plastic here to recycle."

He then pushes down on the fingertip sized area and it breaks through with ease, revealing a quick and mess free way to rip open the packaging.

Surprised viewers rushed to the comment section and found plenty of others who were also clueless.

One said: "Omggggg!!! why didn’t someone tell me!!"

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Another posted:"Wowwwwwwwww so I've been squishing them for no reason."

"Hahahahahaha I've been dashing it across the room to get it open," a third agreed.

A fourth wrote: "All these Tesco meal deals and I've never noticed."

The video, which was posted by @bigrichnomoney has garnered nearly 208,000 views and amassed almost 9,500 likes.

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Elsewhere on TikTok, one woman was left stunned as she discovered why certain items got their names.

Emma took to TikTok to share a video in which she weighed in on "words I didn't realise mean exactly what they're called".

"First cheerleaders – they lead the cheers," she began.

Before continuing: "This one's actually mind blowing to me. Dunkin' Donuts.

"I was thinking about it, like I thought it was someone called Dunkin' and Donuts, but no, it's because it's coffee and donuts – Dunkin Donuts."

She continued her list with "tie dye" – "you tie it, like with rubber bands, and then you dye it".

And backpack.

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"You guys are going to think I'm stupid but backpack – it's a pack that you put on your back," she said, incredulously.

And while some people shared Emma's amazement about the words' meanings, others were less impressed.

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