Parents love mum’s tip on how to remove just one baby wipe from a packet – and all you need to do is cut the pack – The Sun

WE’VE all been there, gone to take one baby wipe from a packet and three or four come out at once.

But one clever mum has shared her tip for removing just one baby wipe at a time – and you’ll wonder why you never realised before.

Taking to Facebook, she demonstrated the tip using a packet of wipes from Aldi.

The mum said the secret is once you’ve ripped off the sealed tab at the top of the packet to make way for the wipes, you cut a slit on each side to ensure the opening extends all the way.

Captioning her video she wrote: “My son is 19 months and I’m ONLY just 'discovering' that if you fully rip open wipes they’ll come out 1 by 1 and not a whole bunch that string out while I’m trying to change a dirty nappy & undo a wipe with my double chin(s).”

The mum continued to say that her handy “hack” might be well known, but she felt she needed to share with others to save them the hassle.

“Mind blown. I’m going to test this now,” one commented.

“OMG me too!” added another.

And staff at Kidspot can confirm that the trick works, having tested it out on several brands of baby wipes.

This article was originally published on Kidspot and has been republished with permission.

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