Parents are picking quirky baby names like Paisley or Benson to make their kids stand out on social media

Baby name consultant Sherri Suzanne said parents are picking monikers they hope will make their children different, and therefore more likely to be noticed.

Some of the names favoured by tech-savvy parents are Bentley and Benson, which have grown in popularity recently.

Consultant Sherri, who runs My Name for Life, revealed the emerging trends this year.

She told the Daily Star: “Ava and Benjamin are two of today’s leaders.

“Ava is the influence behind names like Aviana, Avalyn, Eva, Evie, Evelyn and now Ada.

“Parents who’d otherwise choose Benjamin are picking alternatives like Bentley and Benson."

Other popular new names include Paisley and Harley.

But Sherri has warned prospective parents not to go too far, and choose a name so odd that people will have a hard time pronouncing or spelling it, or one which might cause their child to get bullied.

Sherrin said: “In an attempt to express individuality, it’s best not to create obscure and convoluted spellings.

“I think the recipe for success starts with a name that can be said with confidence—such a name can be a time-honoured classic, a trendy Top 10 or completely unique.

“A name for success has pleasant sounds and is spelled logically to achieve correct pronunciation.”

She advised parents-to-be to avoid names which could be used as a pun, rhyme or could be made a joke out of.

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