Palm reader reveals Royal Family's future according to their hands – and if William and Harry will EVER heal their rift | The Sun

THEY say a picture is worth a thousand words… but actually, according to professional palm readers, your hand and fingers can reveal so much more.

For centuries palm reading has been a popular way to glean insights into a person's character and future – which is particularly useful for us when it comes to learning more about about our favourite Royals.

And given the drama that's been swirling around the monarchy since the Queen's death last year, including Prince William and Prince Harry's reportedly strained relationship, there have been plenty of questions regarding what the future holds for the notoriously private family.

Here, world-renowned palm reading expert Gary Markwick shares his thoughts and predictions on what the future could hold for the Royals…

Prince Harry

A lot has happened in Prince Harry's life in recent years, and based on his palm readings, Gary believes the future will also bring a great deal of change for both Harry and older brother, Prince William.

And this could be a particularly good sign when it comes to their relationship.



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Gary says: "We have already seen significant changes, with their grandmother passing, their father being crowned, and the rift deepening between them.

"The last few years for Prince Harry have shown some turbulent and strained times with his brother and family.

"However, he could bring changes of a new understanding with each other, and a beginning towards an end of so much turmoil.

"The next two years may bring changes for them both in their perception towards each other and the world.

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"Harry is entering a new phase and may become more mature… and [Harry and William] are becoming more focused, responsible and understanding of their future, and letting old ties and hang-ups become less critical with each other."

Prince William

Unsurprisingly, Gary believes the rift has had a big impact on Prince William, too.

He says: "I feel that he feels some guilt with the rift that has arisen between his brother and him, and created more confusion as time has gone by.

"I can see in William’s palm that he holds back with his emotions, making it more difficult for him to come forward in certain situations.

"When changes are due to take place, often there will be challenges

"These are not always pleasant, and when certain things happen, it is often a greater plan to free us from being stuck in the past.

"This gives us the opportunity to see the bigger picture in life to where we potentially may be heading.

"Then perhaps surrendering our egos to make way for the necessary changes that can take place for reconciliation."

Kate Middleton

For Princess of Wales Kate Middleton, Gary claims he believes her reading reveals a lot about how she is feeling.

Gary says: "Kate’s right hand shows some emotional stress. The right hand is what we are projecting to the outside world, and could be current in the present.

"Kate may think and analyse a little too much, and possibly worries about the small things in life.

"This year and next year are important years for her.

"It could bring up many things on an emotional level, which may be to do with families, friendships and relationships.

"The relationship that she has with Prince William looks very positive and strong.

"She is loyal, and they are a good match to each other, although both need their own space at times.

"Kate likes to do her own thing, regardless of whatever people might say to her, and can be a little stubborn at times.

"It shows that Kate will be in a more authoritative position with her duties in the future and as time goes on, she will enjoy her success more."

Meghan Markle

When it comes to Meghan, her palm indicates she is focused and determined – but has struggled to reveal her true feelings at times.

Gary says: "There is one line on Meghan’s hand, known as a 'Simian Line', where the heart (emotions) and head (mentality) become one.

"It shows she is quite intelligent and likes to be in control – she may listen to what others are saying, but is very focused and will do her own thing anyway.

"Meghan may also like to be the centre of attention at times, but could also withdraw from the world at times too.

"Her hand shows she can be very diplomatic, although sometimes she may be a little indecisive.

"There is also a strong indication that Meghan’s marriage with Prince Harry has made her more emotionally confident.

"At times Meghan may find it difficult to express her true feelings.

"However, this may have been more in the past, and now she is able to show her emotional side more to others."

Her choice of jewellery could also be telling, with Gary adding: "In the past Meghan has worn three rings on her right hand.

"The ring worn on the thumb can show someone who may like to dominate.

“The ring on the first finger can indicate leadership and the ring on the third finger symbolises emotions and creativity."

Queen Camilla

Queen Camilla's palm could indicate she has an increasinglyimportant role within the Royal family – and could play a key part in Harry and William's relationship.

Gary says: "I do believe that there is hope for reconciliation in the future.

"It is difficult to say who will be the one to act as a peace-maker between them although I feel that Camilla strangely enough, will have a great influence.

"She is quite philosophical, so when asked a question she will respond in a diplomatic way, thinking about it before answering.

"The palm shows that she has held back with her emotions
in the past, perhaps being a little shy when younger.

"She may have held back, and even resisted taking on too many
responsibilities in the past, but now she is accepting and finding her true path.

"It also gives her a sense of security in doing this. She also has a dedication towards helping others.

"Camila will carry out her duties and perform well for the future.

"I feel that she is dedicated to do what she believes in."

King Charles

Finally, King Charles' palm shows he has hidden depths – which may prove useful in his new role as head of the 'firm'.

Gary says: "Charles has taken on significant responsibilities as king, [and he ] has a hidden strength and energy within him to perform well as king.



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"Charles will be loyal and expects others to be too.

"He will dedicate himself to his role as king… He has known his duties from an early age, so it is no surprise to him what the future holds."

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