Optical illusion uses three tests to see how your brain works – can you figure out the easy answers in record time? | The Sun

THREE tests have been revealed in a video to see how your brain works – and if you can figure out the easy answers in record time.

The three optical illusions are shown in a recent TikTok video from Max Klymenko.

In the comments section of the video, Max wrote: "The first one and last one are the hardest to get."

The first illusion shows Max beating gravity, first with two differently shaped objects moving in opposite directions on a downward-sloped course.

The second illusion involves a tiny pig statue that appears to be on top of a circular mirror.

But the pig is actually below a reflective surface, making it appear as though it's in a different location.


If the circle appears yellow in this eye illusion your brain is lying to you

The third illusion includes two objects of the same size – one yellow and one red.

But when Max lays them out, they appear to be different sizes.

Then, he lays them back on top of one another to show that they actually are the same size.

The video has been viewed more than 4.6million times.

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Some viewers were quick to understand the three illusions while others struggled.

"I’m guessing first one is using magnets. The third one is some holographic trick, and the last one is placement," one TikToker wrote.

"Physics and optics are great! I still remember when my teacher showed us the pig one !," someone else commented.

Others were more frustrated by the illusions.

"That pig makes me angry," one TikToker wrote.

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"I can’t get the last one," lamented another.

"You didn’t beat the gravity you just beat my brain," another chimed in.

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