Only people with the eyes of a hawk will be able to spot the Rugby World Cup in this brainteaser in under 50 seconds | The Sun

WITH the Rugby World Cup in full swing, many Rugby fans will be keen to watch their nations compete for the ultimate prize.

However, a particularly tricky new brain teaser, created by Live Rugby Tickets has bestowed the task of finding the elusive World Cup amongst the competing nations flags.

Locating the World Cup has proven difficult, leaving the most hawk-eyed individuals baffled as to where it is.

According to the creators, Live Rugby Tickets, on average, it takes 49 seconds to crack this particularly tricky brain teaser.

And for some, even worse as one in ten are said to have thrown the towel in and given up completely!

Still can’t find it? Not to panic, you can find the solved brain teaser below!

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