Nancy Pelosi is a Powerhouse in a Pink Suit in the New Committee Photo

Nancy Pelosi is our Speaker of the House. She is an accomplished politician. She is a democrat. She is third in line to take power of the free world should the President and Vice President be unable to fulfill their duties for any reason. She can rock a red-orange MaxMara coat and sunglasses with as much swagger as Beyonce on stage or Gigi Hadid on the runway. She may or may not be making hot pink her signature color. None of these statements lessen anything about the others.

A photo with the all new Democratic committee chairmen was released today and in it, our Speaker of the House is bringing her fashion A-game in a hot pink suit, worn not with muted, neutral flats, but coordinating pink pumps. The suit is paired with a simple white tank underneath. Her smile radiates from the image taken in the Capitol’s Rayburn Room.

The other women in the photo, including liberal favorite and generally awesome human Maxine Waters, looks lovely in the photo as well. There are some very standard navy suits on the male congressmen. But there isn’t an article here about their outfits because they are not wearing a hot pink suit. Nancy Pelosi is using fashion to stand out, it’s one of the tools in her kit as a (more than) capable, professional female politician.

Pelosi’s fashion choices have officially become a “thing.” Vanessa Friedman wrote an op-ed in the Times defending her prerogative to cover the style choices of Pelosi after some readers were up in arms about an article on that standout MaxMara coat she wore while leaving the White House to discuss the Mexico border wall. The Washington Post similarly declared that it isn’t “sexist” to reference Pelosi’s pink suit which she donned when the new 116th Congress was sworn in (including 127 women).

If discussing Pelosi-in-pink is wrong we don’t want to be right.

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