My new neighbour keeps using MY hose to water her plants – I'm on a water metre, I can't afford it | The Sun

WITH the cost-of-living crisis causing havoc for many people up and down the country, the thought of having to pay for rising energy bills is terrifying for many people.

And as the colder months start to roll in, several of us will see our monthly bills creep up in price. 

However, one woman has faced a different kind of costly dilemma.

Taking to Mumsnet to reveal her situation, the woman explained that her new neighbour is using her outdoor tap – and the habit is becoming too expensive for her to maintain.

Since purchasing the new property, she has realised that the neighbour's agreement with previous owners could now burn a hole in her pocket. 

The woman took to Mumsnet and explained: "I have just purchased a ground floor maisonette, which has a garden split into two and shared with the maisonette above.

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"The previous owner was good friends with the owners above, and so they never fenced around each other.

"There is one outside tap on my part of the garden, which is connected to my water supply.

“Historically, the owners above have been using this tap to water their garden.

"I have just been informed that we’re going on a water meter, am I being unreasonable to suggest that they stop using as I can’t afford and don’t want to be (!) paying for their usage?!" 

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The post, which has now rocketed with responses, received comments of advice from fellow users on how the woman should approach the situation.

One user suggested: "Surely once you tell them that you are going to be on a meter they won't have a leg to stand on."

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Another added: "Tell them in a friendly manner that as you're now going into water meters you are unable to afford for them to use your supply."

A third stated: “Definitely stop them using it.”

However, one user said: “Well, how much do they realistically use if it’s just watering cans? Couldn’t they continue to use and pay you like £1 a month or whatever figure you come up with?

“Water rates are very low and set to averages. I saved money when we got a meter. You might well do too. 

“Is it more the invasive element you dislike or is it a worry about the cost?

“I’d look for a peacekeeping resolution. It sounds like without your water source they will struggle. 

“Discuss the matter, see how they feel about a contribution and avoid disgruntled neighbours. Always best to maintain neighbourly good will.”

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The woman was grateful for everyone's responses and responded: "Thanks everyone for your replies and support!

"Trying to get the balance of not p*****g off neighbours as soon as I move in, but also not adding to ever increasing bills!!"

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