My neighbour puts her bins in a communal parking spot so no one can use it – I moved them and she sent me an angry note | The Sun

A WOMAN has told of her anger after her neighbour placed bins in the communal parking space so that no one else can use it.

The anonymous woman vented her frustration to Reddit where she explained: "Neighbour using bins to (illegally) reserve a parking space for their electric vehicle tells me not to move the bins to park my car."

She then went on to share the angry note she received from her neighbour.

It reads: "We couldn't park outside the house last night and were very low on charge, so when a single space came free this morning we popped the bins on the road to reserve it while I did the school run."

"We're not reserving a space to be precious but only when we really need to charge the car."

"We'd really appreciate it if you didn't move the binds and take the space if we need to do this in the future."


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The frustrated woman continued: "Sure it’s a polite note – but the premise is entitled and rude imo."

"She is asking me not to move the bins which were in the only space available on the road (also illegal)."

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"Am I or other neighbours/tradespeople/visitors expected to park roads away so she can reserve the only space on the road with bins?"

And it wasn't long before social forum users took to the comments section – with very mixed responses.

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"That’s a polite note," wrote one. "On one hand I’m thinking, 'fair enough, they do need to charge their vehicle' but then on the other hand, I’m thinking, 'It’s a public road and you need to park as much as they do.'"

"Is it unreasonable to make you not park somewhere for their convenience?"

"I mean, those without electric cars can’t charge at home, and have to go to the petrol station. And those with electric cars can also charge at public charging stations too."

A second who was also divided on the matter penned: "It is a real problem with electric cars that you do need to park near the house."

"So on the one hand they were polite about it, but on the other no-one owes them that space."

A third noted: "Easy solution, don't get an electric car unless you have a private parking space where you can charge it."

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"Why should someone else be put out and made to walk home because of someone else's personal choice?"

Another commented: "The key question is 'how often.' They are asking you a favour, that is not a big one if it is not frequently done."

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