My kids’ Crocs were filthy but now they look brand new – here’s how to clean them in three easy steps | The Sun

THEY'RE all the rage at the moment.

And if you're someone who loves Crocs, you might want to take some tips from this mum, who has revealed how she gets her kids' ones clean in just three easy steps.

Sinead Baldev took to her TikTok page to share a video of the cleaning process, beginning: "I’m going into this blind but I’m going with it anyway, because I don’t have £40 to be going out to buy two new pairs of Crocs.

"I’m a broke b**ch. I’ve got uniforms to buy."

She began by first removing all the charms from the shoes and then putting some boiling water and washing up liquid into a washing up bowl.

She then smothered the shoes in The Pink Stuff paste and left it to work its magic for around 30 to 45 minutes.

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"I’m nervous, I don’t know what’s going to happen!" she admitted.

Once they'd been left for a while, she put them into the water/washing up liquid mixture and "got to scrubbing".

"They came up quite clean, quite quickly. I was surprised," she said.

When the Crocs were sparkling clean again, she chose a whole load of new charms to put on them – designer style ones for her daughter and superhero-type ones for her son.

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While Sinead was probably expecting the comments section to be full of people praising her three-step routine, it was actually full of remarks from people who had similar success using a washing machine.

After reading several of those comments, Sinead added in one pinned to the top of her post: "RIGHT, ARE YOU LOT TELLING ME IVE JUST DONE ALL THAT? WHEN I COULD OF JUST SHOVED THEM IN THE WASHER..??"

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However, someone else warned that the Crocs might shrink if they are put on a high temperature cycle.

"I said that to someone else. Knowing my luck, they will end up shrunk or melted," Sinead wrote.

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