My invention prevents wrinkles in side sleepers – it's a must for stopping the kinds of lines not treatable with Botox | The Sun

A SKINCARE fanatic has shared her must-have item for preventing wrinkles.

The beauty expert explained all the benefits of the nighttime product.

In her video, Elena Kaminskiy (@elenakaminskiy) demonstrated how to use her anti-wrinkle invention.

She called the item "a must for protecting your face all night from creasing, crushing, and damaging your skin."

The TikToker showed her audience the $145 Flawless Face Pillow, which comes with a satin pillowcase.

The odd-shaped pillow allows you to rest your head on the pillow without it touching your face.

"If I roll over to my side my entire face is literally exposed," she explained as she demonstrated how the product worked.

"So with a flat pillow you’re going to get these really deep sleep lines that unfortunately become permanent, they’re not treatable with Botox," Elena explained.

She showed her viewers how she was able to comfortably lie in multiple positions using the pillow.

"I can sleep on my back or my side keeping my entire face open," Elena said.

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"You guys, this pillow is a must for any skincare enthusiast or any lady or guy who wants to keep their skin glowing," she continued.

Elena added that the item is ideal for waking up "without those annoying sleep lines."

She also pointed out an additional benefit of the uniquely shaped pillow.

"[It] helps with acne as you are not irritating your skin with compression," Elena said.

Her followers took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the item.

"I need this!!! I'm a side sleeper and a skincare enthusiast because I have acne," wrote one viewer.

"I’m still going to end up face first knowing me but I love this idea," said another TikTok user.

"OMG, TikTok read my mind. I’ve been complaining about a wrinkle near my nose because I’m a side sleeper," commented a third person.

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