My coworkers are jealous I drive a Tesla when we get paid the same… but I make over £1,500 from my side hustle | The Sun

A SAVVY man has revealed how he makes over £1,500 extra on a weekly basis while working his job. 

Shawn took to his social media account to share exactly how he achieves this as he posted a clip of himself by a window. 

“How I make $2,000 (£1,634) a week installing window tint on houses,” he explained. 

He then shared the exact process as he took a sheet of tinted paper and placed it onto a window before spraying it down. 

Shawn then used a squeegee to smooth it down and remove all the water.

“Hand cut the film to the window,” he continued as he took out a small knife to remove the excess plastic paper from the sides of the window. 

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He then shared the final step as he wrote: “Get paid,” before the video came to an end. 

In another clip, he panned the camera around his white Tesla, over which he wrote: “My coworkers at the oil refinery when I drive the Tesla to work…” 

He then posted a skit where Nicolas Cage could be seen looking stern as he turned around while actor Pedro Pascal appeared happy. 

TikTok user @sup_bub_gtr added in the another video: “My coworkers looking at my car knowing we all get paid the same”. 

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In the caption, he wrote: “Multiple sources of income is key”. 

People were quick to comment on his posts as one person asked: “How do you find customers?” 

He replied: “Mostly google and my website”.

Another said: “2k a week sounds steep for tinting windows at home… keep up the good work,” followed by a thumbs up emoji. 

Shawn shared: “I have a job on Thursday that is going to make $3000 (£2,451) profit in one day very big house”. 

A third said: “Pretty underrated business then. I mean I knew there was a business for it but didn’t know it had that much profit. Good work”. 

“Sounds like a good side hustle to me ngl,” a fourth wrote. 

While a fifth questioned: “You ever get ‘odd’ customers?” 

Shawn then revealed: “Haha all the time, it’s mostly the wealthy people that are the odd ones after 11 years of doing this I’ve seen it all”. 

According to Global Tint, one of the reasons people decide to start a business in window tinting is because of the “possibility of a substantial gross margin”. 

They explained: “Generally, it costs about £15 of material to tint a car. Once you’ve charged for the cost of those and then for your time and service, etc.,you’re looking at a whopping 70 percent margin per vehicle, which is a massive win for you”. 


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This could also apply to tinting windows in homes, which means you could make a good amount of cash on the side of your 9 to 5 job. 

What kind of side hustle would you start? 

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