My baby's so huge that he weighs over 2 stone at 10 months – people ask if he's ageing in dog years | The Sun

A MUM has revealed her 10-month-old baby is so big that people ask if he's "ageing in dog years".

Tilly took to TikTok to respond to one comment on another of her videos, from someone who wrote: "That baby is 182 months old."

"What baby?" she began her video jokingly.

"Oh Tucker? I'll go and get him."

She then re-emerged with her baby in her arms, as she said: "This is Tucker – he's 10 months old."

"10 months?" someone commented on that video.

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"In what? Dog years?"

"Okay so we’re getting loads of questions about our big boy," she said in another TikTok.

"His name is Tucker, he’s 10 months old.

"He was just over 10lbs when he was born, he is now a whole 15kg (2.3 stone), and for anyone asking, yes – my back is sore."

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"For reference I am 172cm tall…" she added in the caption.

"Loves his ‘tucker’, he’s lovely," one person commented on that video.

"I'd be counting down the days until kiddo can walk and follow me rather than being carried," another added.

"Streuth, thought my young bloke was heavy.

"8kg at 6 months," a third wrote.

"He is GORGEOUS!!!" someone else praised.

"There is something so adorable about chunky babies.

"And the funny thing is, that just cos he’s a big baby, doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll be 'big' when he’s older.

"My friend's baby was 13lb at birth, always a big baby/toddler. He’s almost 20 now and he’s average height/build."

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