My £2 eyeliner hack will instantly make your eyes look twice the size – Marilyn Monroe’s make-up artist swore by it | The Sun

BIG, beautiful eyes are one of the most sought-after features by pretty much everybody. 

But according to one make-up maestro, it might be less down to genetics, and more to do with what cosmetics you’re using to enhance your features

Audrey Boos is a stunning lifestyle and beauty influencer based in California, who regularly wows her 566k followers with her simple hacks and tricks. 

And in a recent video, she shared the “one beauty hack that will make your eyes look twice the size”. 

“All you need is a thin white eyeliner pencil and mascara,” the brunette beauty continued. 

You can pick up a white pencil from drugstores like Superdrug, where prices start from around £2.49.

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Instead of applying white liner along the waterline or around the inner crease, Audrey explains that you instead want to use it to accentuate the outer eye. 

First draw a short wing in black liner as usual, and then etch on a tiny white line underneath the wing to emphasise it. 

“I like to go in with a dark eyeshadow and go right under the white eyeliner,” Audrey explains. 

“This is gonna give the appearance that your eye extends all the way out there, and it’s gonna give you a way bigger doe-eyed shape.” 

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Standing back to admire the final result, Audrey showed off how her eyes appeared instantly transformed, entirely opening up her face. 

Her clip racked up nearly 500k in just a day, with dozens on users leaving gushing comments about how effective the simple trick is. 

“Love this!!!” one wrote. “I saw a video recently that said Marilyn Monroe used to do this.” 

“Yes, tons of Old Hollywood stars did it!” Audrey confirmed. 

“Need to tryyyy asap,” another added, while a third gushed: “Thank you, amazing tip. Love it.” 

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