Mums share their hacks for making their children's white school tops bright again – & why a kitchen staple is the answer | The Sun

PARENTS have shared their go-to tricks for making their kids' school tops bright like new again – and turns out, it's all about using a kitchen staple.

Children returning back to school couldn't be any better news to many parents – after all, you finally get a few hours to yourself.

However, the joys very quickly disappear as you pick up your small one and realise their once bright, white shirt is covered in stubborn stains.

No matter how vigorously you scrub them, the dark marks just won't come off.

This is a common problem that most mums and dads struggle with, and Rachel Cook, from Doncaster, is no exception.

Desperate to find cleaning hacks for her daughter's messy school tops, the mum took it to the popular parenting group, FAMILY LOWDOWN TIPS & IDEAS on Facebook.

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Sharing a snap of her child's dirty t-shirt, Rachel wrote: ''So now the kids are back at school , can someone please give me your tips for getting whites back to white when they come home like this.''

She went on to add: ''to clarify am all for playing out and having fun but i just can’t seem to fully get the marks out.'

Luckily for Rachel, and all fellow parents struggling with the same issue, the post went viral and was soon inundated with more than a whopping 1.6k comments.

Although there were countless recommendations, one mum suggested using a very common kitchen staple – some washing-up liquid.

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Rosie Wilson wrote: ''Soak in washing up liquid magic.''

Emma Buckley agreed, replying: ''I use neat green fairy liquid rubbed into any stains before putting them in the wash.

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''Fresher the stain, the better the results.''

Laura Anna Prince, from Chipping Ongar, seems to be a fan of the cleaning hack too, as she claimed: ''Works a treat!''

Sharing her top trick, Laura Smith penned: ''Put tiny amount of bleach in a bucket or bowl of hot water and put the plain white tops in.

''Leave overnight and then rinse well.

''Then put in washing machine on normal wash.

''Works well for us. Look brand new.''

Although Laura wasn't the only one to recommend bleach, a teacher warned against using this common household ingredient.

''Bleach will put holes into that shirt soooo fast so be careful with that…,'' wrote Alyssa Webb Royle.

''After being a teacher of 17 years I would say the only way to be on top of it is to cover with stain spray and soak it every single time your kid gets home from school.''

Julie Poole, who lives in Plymouth, advised Rachel: ''For mud I put biological powder (Ariel or Aldi) in a bowl with kettle full of boiling water to dissolve, put washing up liquid on the stain then leave to soak in the boiling water stirring a couple times.

''Rub it together a bit then put on a 60 degree wash with the other whites.

''Should come out clean! If it’s paint I would soak in cold water first.''

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