Mum who asked what was wrong with her banana is left ‘too terrified to sleep’ after discovering what’s inside it

A WOMAN got the shock of her life after discovering something very wrong with her banana which had been sitting in her fruit bowl for days.

To look at, the piece of fruit looked mostly normal, however, it had a strange black circle near the stem which had turned white in colour.

Baffled by the unusual markings, the woman took to Facebook in search ofsome answers.

Alongside a snap of the banana, she wrote: "Does anyone have any insight as to what is on my banana that's been in my fruit bowl since Sunday."

And added: " I'm slightly freaking out about it!"

The post has since garnered over 5,000 comments and almost 2,000 likes from people who offered their suggestions – with others desperate to know the answer themselves.

Worryingly, an overwhelming amount of Facebook users suggested some sort of spider, specifically,spider eggs inside her piece of fruit.

Unfortunately, the woman's fears came true, and after inspecting it further discovered there were, IN FACT,spider eggs.

After coming to the realisation, she said she'd thrown the fruit in her garden,but later fetched it in fear of the eggs hatching.

She then popped it in a sealed bag and into her bin instead,but admitted to "having nightmares" at the thought of the spiders crawling through her trash.

The woman confessed: "I couldn't sleep terrified of something hatching in my bin, went back outside, fished the bagged banana out the bin, its in a takeaway box as well and now in the freezer." and I've contacted the supermarket."

Many people suggested she contact the supermarket where she purchased the fruit to inform them of what's happened.

She later revealed that she did, however, it appears she did not disclose the exact location of where she bought the fruit from.

The next morning, the woman took the frozen banana from her freezer, and after letting it defrost, decided to cut it open.

"Definitely a lot of eggs there," she said. " I'm hoping the deep freeze has killed everything but its bagged and back in a sealed container in the bin. I took a photo but its pretty gross now!"


  • A Brazilian Wandering Spider can grow up to 20cm (8ins) in diameter from its leg span.
  • They eat insects, other spiders and even small amphibians, reptiles and mice.
  • They are one of the world’s most dangerous spiders.
  • Their bite causes burning pain, sweating and goose bumps.
  • Other symptoms include high or low blood pressure, a fast or slow heartbeat, nausea, abdominal cramping, hypothermia, vertigo, blurred vision and convulsions.
  • They are also known as banana spiders.

The revelation left many, understandably, shaken and worried – with many vowing to always check their bananas in future.

Last year, a dad discovered the same thing in the skin of a banana – after he'd finished eating it.

He says he cut into it and discovered a number of spiders, which he later found out were among the world’s most dangerous.

The shocked dad-of-two said: "Halfway through, I noticed a lump on the banana skin.

"I cut the lump open after finishing it, and tiny spiders came out."

He quickly snapped some photos of the eight-legged animals, which he posted on nature website iSpot.

And they were identified as Brazilian Wandering Spiders, whose bite can be deadly to humans.

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