Mum spends £700 on each of her kids for Xmas & birthdays – they feel hard done by, but others admit spending much more | The Sun

A MUM has been left baffled after her kids told her they felt "hard done by" when they found out how much she spends on them at Christmas.

Karen took to TikTok to reveal her predicament, saying: "I want to ask if anyone will be honest enough to say how much they spend on their kids at Christmas.

"Do you have a rough figure in mind?

"Because my kids feel hard done by."

She went on to reveal that her kids birthday are "straight after Christmas", so they've decided to combine their Christmas and birthday money to enable them to "buy some expensive things".

"I am getting them a few extra bits so it’s going to roughly work out at £700 each but that is for the Christmas and birthday," she said.

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People in the comments section were quick to weigh in on Karen's situation, with many admitting they spend a lot more than what she'd budgeted.

"I only had one child so I try and give her the most of what I can," one wrote.

"I try for £1000 for Xmas and £500 bday – me and dad work and I know we're very lucky."

"Around £1000 each easy… it’s a lot I know but I choose to do it," another added.

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"About £1000 pounds each," someone else agreed.

While another person wrote: "£1000 each spent for Xmas. birthdays are January and February about 300 each."

"I spend 6000 for my 4 kids," another mum commented.

Others insisted those figures were way out of their price range, with one writing: "I can't believe how much ppl spend – must be on good wages! £50 bday, roughly £400 for xmas.

"This yr he's moved out so it was going to be half that but he needed new tyres for his car so we've spend £300 plus little stocking fillers."

"I’m lucky if I can even afford to spend £50 on my kids at Christmas," someone else sighed.

As another wrote: "£100 at most. They’re expensive to feed and keep warm."

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