Mum slams ‘cheeky f***er’ sister-in-law for charging her to babysit & splits opinion

A MOTHER shared her anger after her sister-in-law agreed to babysit, but only in exchange for money.

The woman explained that it was her birthday and they had bought tickets to an event but their regular babysitter had to cancel, leaving them in the lurch.

She told how her husband had asked his 29-year-old sister to step in as they knew she didn't have plans that evening and she agreed but only in exchange for payment.

Taking to Mumsnet the mother said: "I feel quite angry about this and I probably shouldn't.

"I have never asked [my sister-in-law] to babysit and tonight the sitter pulled out at the last min, and we are going out for my birthday tonight tickets are bought and paid for.

"I was panicking trying to find someone else on the sitter site and [my partner] called [my sister-in-law] who will be at home cause her partner is out.

"She said she would need payment! For some reason its really rubbed me up the wrong way!"

People were quick to jump in and give their opinion on her sister-in-law's request.

One said: "Oh wow that'd annoy me too. I have babysat many times for family and would never have charged!"

Another agreed: "I would ask someone else. That's well cheeky, especially as she's not doing anything."

But not everyone was so affronted by the suggestion.

One person said: "My guess is that she has fears of being taken advantage of because she's family, and in a way I don't blame her.

"Some people can really take the piss when it comes to expecting free childcare."

While another said: "Maybe she needs the money, to be fair I assume you were going to pay the sitter who cancelled and she is doing you a favour."


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