Mum reveals sneaky way daughter hides her dinner so she gets treats & every parent should check

KIDS are always coming up with creative ways to avoid finishing their dinner so they can get treats – but one little girl found a very messy solution.

Mum Carly Jane shared the moment she realised the sneaky way her daughter hid her dinner to get sweets for dessert – and fellow parents have been highly entertained.

The mum wrote on Facebook: “Here’s a tip, always check under your child if they tell you they have eaten all their tea. 

“She fooled me good and proper tonight and i had already given her the sweets before i realised.”

In a funny clip, the little girl can be seen innocently holding up her empty plate to show she is finished and ready for sweets.

However, on closer inspection, it turns out she has tipped her dinner on her seat and sat on it so her mum won’t realise she hasn’t finished eating.

Carly said: “Did you eat all your fish fingers? Good girl!”

However, she then spots some squashed food under her daughter, and joked: “So I do wonder what all this could be under here?

“Who put that there?”

The woman’s son can then be heard erupting into fits of giggles after he realises his sister has been jumbled.

Many people were highly impressed at the girl’s plot, with one writing: “Genius she is going places. Love this.”

Another added: “My daughter puts hers in the bin.”

A third commented: “This is brilliant, she got you good this time.”

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