Mum-of-two shows off post-baby ‘mumma pouch’ to inspire others but it backfires when people say there’s nothing there

A MUM-of-two attempted to show off her post-baby 'mumma pouch' in a bid to inspire others, but her positive message backfired when people insisted there's nothing there.

Tammy Hembrow, 26,who lives in Gold Coast, Australia, is known for her gym-honed figure and luxurious lifestyle, but tried to appear relatable to her fans in a clip on Instagram.

The influencer had two kids, who are now aged five and three, with her ex fiancé Reece Hawkins before splitting in 2018.

Tammy wanted to show her 11.7 million Instagram followers that even she has "stretch marks" and loose skin on her stomach from pregnancy and that she isn't "perfect".

Posing poolside in a barley-there leopard-print bikini, the mum-of two struck a series of flattering poses before slouching and grabbing her loose tummy skin.

She captioned the snaps "reality check" and went on to point out her "imperfections" before taking aim at her "mumma pouch".

She said: "“I carried two babies in this belly. Loose skin, stretch marks, whatever you may have, these aren’t imperfections.

“These are reminders of the little lives you created. Be kind to yourself mamas.”

And while her words prompted many to praise her "bravery" and "honesty" many were quick to point out that her "pouch" was practically non-existent thanks to a rigorous fitness regime.

“Mumma pouch hahaha you’ve got to be kidding,” one person commented.

While another asked: “Where is it? I don’t see any pouch.”

And one woman light-heartedly wrote: "“Girl WHERE??? Tammy you are perfect love”.

Some said that her post helped remind them “mums are miracles” and to embrace their post-baby bodies.

“Thank you, I really needed this,” one person wrote.

“It’s nice to see someone so fit still has their mumma pouch too!” one comment read. “You have done soo well though to get your stomach tighter than most!! Your body looks amazing.”

The Aussie mum regularly flaunts her enviable figure online, and has a range of workout videos available to her fans online.

But in an interview with Cosmopolitan in 2018 Tammy said it was a misconception that it happened overnight, and it took a lot of hard work.

“I think people see my photos and think it may have happened overnight,” she said. “It was not a quick process.”

Instead Tammy, who said she had always felt “quite skinny”, transformed her body by lifting heavy weights four days a week – all while raising her kids.

“I work really hard at the gym,” she said. “I’m usually covered in sweat – like, dripping!”

But eating is a “massive part to the puzzle” with Tammy explaining: “You need to be eating the right amount of calories for anything to grow.”

Tammy told New Idea in 2017 her diet usually consists of lots of lean proteins like "chicken breast, turkey and fish" and eating every two to three hours.

“I needed to eat lots to build that area so I also ate lots of complex carbohydrates like brown rice, oatmeal, potatoes and healthy fats,” she said.

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