Mum-of-two savaged for being 'lazy' after she shares the after-school snack she leaves for her kids | The Sun

BEING a parent is exhausting.

So it's no surprise that some parents don't have time to prepare healthy snacks for their kids before their dinner.

But one mum was slammed for the quick and easy snack she leaves for her kids for after school

The busy mum-of-two explained that she sometimes freezes leftover takeaway pizza for her kids to reheat when they get home.

Her kids over the pre-dinner grub so much that she even orders extrato make sure there's plenty leftover for them.

She reckons the food is the "perfect after school snack in under five minutes," but not everyone is convinced.


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Parents slammed the mum's snack hack as 'lazy' and bad for kids' health.

"Takeaway pizza has so much fat and salt," one mum commented.

She continued: "It should be a once a week food for kids. Kids can make the sandwiches easily themselves too.

"And probably safer than letting them use an air fryer on their own. Just saying."

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But other mums said they also serve their kids leftover pizza regularly and don't see it as a big deal.

"'Let her do what she wants to do if it works for her you're not living there," one wrote.

Another mum recommended putting leftover pizza in kids' lunchboxes instead.

"Throw them in kids lunch boxes $5 pizza goes a long way," she said.

The busy mum replied to the mum's comments, assuring her that her kids are perfectly healthy.

She said: "Thanks for your concern about me putting my children's health and safety at risk.

"They eat a well balanced diet, are active and we teach them how to be safe in the kitchen, just saying."

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