Mum of triplets shares her mega feeding routine – going through 18 bottles a day & her very strict dishwashing schedule

A MUM of triplets has shared their insane daily feeding schedule as she revealed she goes through a whopping 18 bottles a day. 

Any parent will know how tough it is preparing bottles of milk every day, but mum Lauren has to deal with that prep – times three. 

Lauren, from the US, is a ‘triplet mama’ to three 'beautiful baby girls’, which means organisation is key. 

The mum shared a clip to TikTok detailing their mammoth daily feeding regime.

Her clip, which she captioned ‘feeding the three little pigs’ has amassed thousands of views, as Lauren talked parents through her day. 

As she has so many mouths to feed at once, Lauren uses the help of a bottle holder, in the shape of a soft toy, ensuring her girls are able to drink simultaneously. 

Lauren filmed the industrial set-up she has in her kitchen, as she revealed her kids go through a whopping 18 bottles a day. 

She has a special rack she puts in the dishwasher which allows her to pop all the accessories, including lids, teats and spoons in, while she lines up all the bottles ready to be washed. 

And as she has so much milk to prepare, she uses a specialist pitcher, called Dr Brown’s 925 milk powder, to mix up the quantities, which is available on Amazon for £33.20.

“Dr Brown pitcher is a life saver”, Lauren said. 

After all the bottles are clean, Lauren measures out the milk, adding: “I have formula written down at my bottle making station.”

As well as her feeding station, she revealed she uses a colour-coding system to get everything right. 

Lauren explained: “Baby A – blue, Baby B is pink, and Baby C is green. 

“Systems are a must with triplets.”

After getting all the feeds ready, she chills them saying: “In the fridge and ready for tomorrow.”

The mum later shared a link to the toys after receiving numerous enquiries about them, and you can grab a similar design on eBay for $25 – although there is a shipping charge. 

  • Dr. Brown's 925 Milk Powder Mixer Jug, amazon, £33.20 – buy now

  • Bottle Snugglers Feeding Time Helpers – Precious Puppy, £21 ($28.81) – eBay – buy now

Thousands of parents have praised her ‘military’ routine, with one mum saying: “Wow mama you’re amazing! Wonder mom.” 

Another wrote: “The logistics here are military style. All the best.” 

A third admitted: “Well done women! I have 6 bottles a day to wash and dread it.” 

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