Mum-of-three shows off her kids’ super-organised snack and dinner menus which she’s sorted a MONTH in advance

KEEPING everyone fed at Christmas can be a tricky task, with parents frantically cooking massive meals while making their kids don’t go hungry in between. 

One mum-of-three was sick of constantly have to fetch her kids snacks over the festive season, so she planned out their meals for each day – for a month. 

The organised mum wrote down their breakfasts, lunches and dinners – along with two snacks a day.

She portioned out and packaged up all the snacks for the next four weeks, so she only has to worry about main meals. 

The savvy mum shared her tip to Facebook, saying: “Holiday snacks done. The fruit and yoghurt should last 2 weeks and hopefully the rest will last the whole holidays. 

“32 bags of biscuits, 25 bags of chips, 30 yoghurt pouches, a 7kg watermelon, a cantaloupe, 1kg of strawberries and 4 punnets of blueberries.

“I only got asked for food about 6 times today outside of the allocated times so they're getting better.

"This is for a 6 year old, a 5 year old and a 2 year old.” 

Her nifty idea has gone down a treat with fellow mums, who said they might copy her.

Commenting on the post, one parent said: “I definitely need to do this with my kiddos.”

Another wrote: “Wow very organised.”

A third thought: “Great idea! My kids have been asking for food more often too.”

This mum raved: “I’m so doing this. We have a nearly 18yo, 15yo, 14yo, nearly 12 yo and nearly 10yo that snack all day and it costs me way too much.”

While another admitted: “Great idea. I have turned into a snack slave lol.”

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