Mum-of-22 Sue Radford decks out her home for Xmas after weeks of illness & there's barely enough space for the stockings | The Sun

SHE'S been battling a mystery illness for weeks, and reckons she's cracked a rib from coughing so much.

But this week, mum-of-22 Sue Radford decided to try and get into the festive spirit by decking out her millionaire Morecambe mansion for Christmas.

Sue began the posts on her family's Instagram Stories by sharing a picture of the family's overflowing shoe cabinet.

"Accurate representation of how my Monday morning went," she wrote over the top.

"Also pretty sure I've managed to crack a rib from all the coughing I've done over the last three weeks, so that's pretty painful.

"Thankfully though my cough is getting much better – it's been a draining three weeks, I've never felt so poorly."

Sue went on to share a snap showing the Christmas tree in their dining room, which they'd set up after a trip to the garden nursery a week or so ago.

She wrote: "I'm usually so on it with putting my Christmas decorations up but with feeling so poorly, we've only put the dining room tree up.

"But plan on putting the rest of the decorations up today, which the kids are very excited about!"

And it seems the plan worked out well, as Sue then posted a picture showing the fully decked out living room.

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"Christmas has landed!" she wrote over the snap showing the beautiful Christmas tree and fireplace with a light-up garland on it.

She tree featured candy cane ornaments covering the branches.

There were also the family's stockings hanging on the fireplace.

And, with 22 kids, you can imagine just how cramped the stockings were – with barely a centimetre of the fireplace beneath actually visible.

It hasn't just been Sue who's been poorly over the past few weeks.

Her daughter Millie had to rush newborn Elodie-Jade to the hospital when she contracted what turned out to be- respiratory syncytial virus.

She'd had a feeding tube put in as she couldn't take the bottle, and had been on oxygen when the virus was at its peak.

However, after a few days in hospital, she was feeling much better and was then allowed to go home.

Millie's eldest daughter Ophelia stayed with Sue and husband Noel while Elodie was in hospital, with Sue admitting her youngest daughter Heidie was feeling a bit lost by the time Ophelia went home.

"It's quiet, isn't it?" she said to Noel after Ophelia's departure.

Following the worrying hospital stay, Sue and Noel decided to treat their brood to a Christmassy trip to Edinburgh, with the matriarch once again sharing snaps of the holiday on their social media pages.

The busy parents showed their kids enjoying the festive ice rink, with the younger ones using penguin aids to help keep them steady.

After this, the kids tucked into some tasty treats and saw the fun fair rides in the Scottish city.

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