Mum claims tumble dryer sheets are the secret to keeping bugs away in the summer

BUGS and mosquitos can be a right pain over the summer months, but a mum claims that she’s found the perfect hack to keep them at bay.

Mum blogger, Jacquelin (@momlikeaboss), believes her simple dryer sheet hack is the key to conquering the great outdoors this summer.

She said: “If you’re trying to keep the bugs away – mosquitos, ticks, gnats, make sure next time you go camping you pack dryer sheets.”

Dryer sheets are usually added to a load of laundry to add a bit of softness and help to reduce static from the fabrics.

Most scented dryer sheets have a chemical, linalool, in it that creates the perfect bug repellent – which can also be found in plants including lavender, marjoram, coriander and basil.

Linalool is also used in some mosquito repellent spray.

Jacquelin said: “Scents that we love, bugs hate – so get a dryer sheet and keep it in your pocket.

“Run it through your hair – bonus hack, if you’re trying to get the campfire smell out of your hair – dryer sheets.”

The mum-of-three points out in the comments: “Dryer sheets can be very chemical laden, I use Seventh Generation paraben & phthalate free, 97% ingredients from plants.”

Lavender is the scent she recommends for warning off those pesky bugs.

People rushed into the comments to praise Jacquelin for her genius trick.

One follower joked: “Does it BUG them?”

Another said: “Oh I didn’t know lavender they disliked. I will use that sent when I close the camper.”

A third asked: “Lavender triggers my migraines, is there any other scents that work?”

Jacquelin replied: “Eucalyptus, tea tree, peppermint and lemongrass are all great.”

Her video has been viewed over a massive 401,900 times and racked up over 44,000 likes.

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