Mum attempts tricky 'duck cake' for daughter's seventh birthday & fails epically

WHETHER it's dolls or dinosaurs, all kids go through a phase where they can't go anywhere or do anything that doesn't involve their new favourite toy.

To celebrate her daughter's seventh birthday last month, one devoted mum thought she'd recreate a cake she'd spotted in a women's magazine which looks like a duck… i.e. her kid's current obsession.

Although the recipe seemed pretty straight-forward at first, there was just one small problem: her daughter doesn't like buttermilk icing.

Determined to persevere with it regardless, the Australian mum strayed from the instructions by making chocolate icing instead.

But despite following the exact guide for the popcorn head and beak made out of crisps, the duck somehow lost its neck AND tail somewhere along the way.

Sharing pictures of her baking fail on Facebook, she wrote: "OK all, please don’t laugh. My daughter turned seven on Christmas Eve and wanted a duck cake.

“She doesn’t eat buttermilk cake so Woolies mudcake hack to the rescue… #nailedit."

"This seriously made my day. I can fully relate," one parent replied. "Made with lots of love."

Another joked: "Who needs a neck anyway!"

Asking all the hard-hitting questions, a third pondered: "How many crisps did you search through until you got the perfect beak?"

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