Mrs Hinch lashes out at trolls who accuse her of piling on weight and claim ‘fat Soph is back’ – The Sun

MRS Hinch might seem like a roaring success, with two books and an army of 3.7 Instagram followers under her belt, but the cleaning influencer revealed she's still bombarded with nasty messages from trolls who say she's 'fat'.

The cleaning guru, 30, took to her Instagram stories to share a selection of nasty comments on Wednesday night, as she stuck her middle finger up at people who criticised her weight, dog and parenting.

Mrs Hinch, whose real name is Sophie Hinchliffe, sent a stark message to the 'online bullies' who bombard her with abuse online.

Taking to her Instagram stories, she said: "Do you know what guys? I NEVER do posts like this but now my bok is out there I know you'll understand.

"So this is for all you online bullis out there pulling apart parents simply trying to do their best…"

She then listed a handful of the meanest comments she'd received.

One read, "Her baby can't even walk yet," while another said, "She's piled on the weigt! Fat Soph is back."

A third said: "I can't wait to watch her fail," while a fourth wrote, "Wait until she has the baby, the fat dog will be gone and its bedroom."

Another wrote: "Her house will be a mess when the baby is here the stupid cow."

The mum-of-one's Instagram post comes days after she opened up about the abuse she recieves online.

Mrs Hinch revealed she requests gets critiqued on everything from the way she parents one-year-old son Ronnie to the appearance of her beloved dog Henry.

Speaking to You magazine, she explained: “They message saying, ‘Your baby should be moving more, he should have more teeth.’

“They’re even horrible about my dog! It turns my gut and takes my breath away; it makes me want to scream and cry.”

The mum revealed that the haters have targeted every part of her body, telling her that her face is “wonky.”

What's more, she confessed to wearing pink rubber gloves on Instagram because followers said her hands looked 'disgusting' in pictures she shard on social media.

The cleaning fanatic has previously opened up about coping with trolling and suffering from anxiety.

Earlier this month during an interview with This Morning, she admitted she had been forced to call in the police over online threats.

She said: "I'm lucky to be on this journey but at the same time it's petrifying – it's quite scary. I'm trying to keep up and sometimes I can't."

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