Mrs Hinch fans share £1.50 miracle product that helps to prevent condensation and mould – & say it's a 'game changer' | The Sun

IT'S GETTING cold and frosty mornings are on the way, which means that we could end up with condensation on the windows – and that leads to mould.

In addition, far more people are air drying their clothes rather than using the tumble dryer to keep bills low.

This also adds to the condensation in your home so it's more important than ever to keep moisture out of the air and prevent mould.

Luckily fans of queen of clean Mrs Hinch shared their cheap and easy ways of preventing a build up of condensation in the cold months.

Taking to a Hinch fans Facebook page, one woman said: "I’m currently using my spare room to home the airer for my washed clothes as I refuse to turn the heating on to dry all the washing I do.

"I’m looking to get a dehumidifier to prevent any mould for king in the bedroom.

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"Due to the obvious rise in costs, I am wondering if the pictured dehumidifiers are effective or if I’m better off getting an electric one."

The dehumidifier pictured was one from Amazon that used crystals to absorb the moisture.

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The woman was flooded with responses from people who shared their thoughts on the crystals.

One person said: "I've been using these for years now and they work a treat, usually get from B&M."

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Another said: "These worked great in my old house, they were really effective and the condensation was pretty bad!

"Definitely worth giving it a try first and seeing if it works for you."

A third said: "I put them next to my clothes when they dry and they are fab. Last a good few weeks as well and helps loads.

"Also got them in the windows as hate condensation on them."

Another said: "These are fine for small spaces, I’ve used them in cupboards with success.

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"I’ve recently bought a dehumidifier with laundry function though and it’s been a game changer."

While another suggested: "You can buy a lot cheaper in pound shops etc. But I swear by them."

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