Mrs Hinch cleaning fans share 10p hack to banish stubborn grease stains from clothes – and it's already in your kitchen | The Sun

THERE'S NOTHING worse than realising you have grease stains on your clothes.

No matter how many times you put them in the washing machine, they never seem to disappear.

Fortunately, Mrs Hinch cleaning fans have revealed a 10p hack to get rid of them – and it's already in your kitchen.

Mrs Hinch's army of cleaning fans have dedicated social media pages to share their own cleaning tips.

In one such group, a woman asked: "Best way to remove grease stains from clothes?”

And cleaning fanatics were quick to share their top tips with her.


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The most suggested hack to get rid of stubborn grease stains on clothes was using washing up liquid.

People revealed that rubbing washing up liquid on the stain and leaving it to soak before putting it into the washing machine was the best way to remove them.

One wrote: "Rub washing up liquid into the grease stain. Works every time.”

Another suggested: "Fairy Liquid, gently massage into grease stain. Leave to soak then wash as normal.”

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A third added: "I just saved a lightweight jumper. It had three spots of grease. I had washed it several times and not got rid of any stains.

“Finally, I wet the jumper in cold water and rubbed it in washing-up liquid. Then, put it into the wash. The stains are gone. Very happy.”

"Fairy Liquid. It's designed to cut through grease," penned a fourth.

Meanwhile, a fifth commented: "Pour Fairy liquid onto the stain, rub it in slightly then put it in the washing machine on a normal cycle for the garment.”

"I have always used washing-up liquid," wrote a sixth.

You can purchase washing up liquid for as little as 50p from Sainsbury's.

Others recommended using talcum powder to cut through grease.

One wrote: "Sprinkle talcum powder onto the garment and let it absorb the grease.

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“In the morning, shake off the excess talc and gently rub the area with Fairy Liquid and let the washing machine do the rest of the work.”

"Talc will soak it," added another.

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