Mom shares dangerous reason you should NEVER let your child wear flip-flops by the pool

RAISE your hand if the first thing you put on when you go to the pool is flip-flops – because who wants to wear actual shoes by the water?

Well, a mom has shared the dangerous reason why you should never let your kids wear them to the pool and it will save you a trip to the emergency room.

Taking to TikTok, Lauren Mejia, a mom of one revealed: "Skip the sandals at the pool and opt for a shoe with a no-slip grip."

A water shoe with a no-slip grip can be used in and out of the pool, so you don't have to worry about packing several shoe options but it can also protect your kids from injuries.

Flip-flops might present a danger to kids who love to run, jump and play but if a sandal slips off, it can cause injuries such as sprained ankles or scrapped knees.

At the same time, if your child wears flip-flops by the pool and they slip or trip, they could either hurt themselves with the edge of the pool or they could fall in.

This increases the risk of drowning, which is one of the top causes of death among children.

Another life-saving suggestion for the pool is to skip out on the blue and green swimsuits when shopping for their kids.

In the same video, the mom of one claimed that blue and green swimsuits are harder to see under the water, which could make it hard for a parent or lifeguard to spot if a child is drowning or has gone underwater.

She even gave a demonstration where, indeed, blue swimsuits were almost impossible to see when looking into a pool.

Instead, she claimed that neon colors are a better choice, showing off a bright orange shirt. 

Sadly, she recognized that this might be harder for the boys as most of their clothes come in blue and green colors.

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