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MILLIE Radford has left fans concerned after sharing a heartbreaking video from the hospital.

The 22-year-old welcomed her third child – baby Elodie-Jade – in September.

But it seems the tot's health has gone downhill in recent days, as Millie took to her Instagram Stories to update her followers.

She revealed her daughter is suffering from "RSV" – Respiratory Syncytial Virus.

Alongside the video of Elodie-Jade sleeping, with an oxygen tube taped to her nose, Millie posted a graphic titled "Are you RSV aware?".

In the image, she detailed "what you should know about RSV", which had eight facts about the virus, including that "almost every child" will become infected with RSV in their "first two years of life".

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"All infants are at risk of RSV, with young babies and small children being particularly vulnerable," was another, as well as "RSV is the leading cause of hospitalisation in all infants".

It also detailed how RSV is transmitted – in a "similar way to colds of the flu, either by breathing in tiny droplets in the air of by the virus getting in contact with the mouth or nose, for example by touch".

The virus can also survive on surfaces for hours – and can remain contagious during that time.

Millie has yet to offer any further details as to when Elodie-Jade was hospitalised, or how she's doing.

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However, her boyfriend Harley Passmore also shared a picture of the tot in hospital over the weekend.

Millie announced to fans that Elodie had been born on September 19 weighing 7lb 10z.

Sue and Harley acted as birth partners for Millie during the water birth.

Millie also revealed how her other two kids, Ophelia, three, and Chester, one, have reacted to their newborn sister.

Millie showed a sweet shot of Ophelia carefully cradling her sister, and said: “One very protective big sissie.”

After Millie shared news of Elodie-Jade's arrival in a post on Instagram, Sue was among the first to comment.

"Aww Millie she’s just so beautiful," Sue wrote.

"I’m so proud of you you did amazing bringing her into the world.

"Thank you so much for asking me to be with you. Love you Xxx."

Sue also posted a snap of herself holding the newborn on her family's Instagram page, writing over the top: "Welcome to the family Elodie-Jade.

"So proud of you millie you did amazing – she’s a such a beautiful addition to the family. Congratulations."

And new dad Harley also took to his Instagram page to share his joy after Elodie-Jade's birth.

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"Couldn't be anymore proud of you with how amazing you did delivering our beautiful girl into the world I love use so much my family is now complete!" he wrote alongside the same pictures Millie had shared of the new arrival.

"Also thank you so much sue for helping millie get through it, also i wouldn't of got through it without you."

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