Meghan’s wedding dress was ‘safer’ than Kate’s ‘royal’ gown

Kate Middleton married Prince William in April 2011 at Westminster Abbey. She wed the royal in a stunning ivory dress designed by the creative director of the British fashion house Alexander McQueen. Meghan Markle, on the hand, opted for a pure white gown designed by the head of the French fashion house Givenchy, Clare Weight Keller.

Meghan chose the designer for her ” elegant aesthetic” and “relaxed demeanour”, and a Kensington Palace announcement said the former actress and the designer worked together on the dress to create a “timeless minimal elegance”.

The designer stated she wanted to convey “modernity through sleek lines and sharp cuts” in the dress. In stark contrast, the Princess of Wales’s wedding dress was inspired by traditional Victorian corsetry, which is a staple of the McQueen aesthetic. She paid homage to historical English dressmaking, featuring lace made in the 19th-century style from Nottingham’s historic Lace Market.

US style expert Hallie Abrams discussed both dresses with Express. She gushed over the Princess of Wales’s “royal” gown. The founder of styling service The Wardrobe Consultant, said: “I think Megan’s was was safer. It was beautiful, but Kate’s was royal.

“I also think the detail on Kate’s with the lace and the embroidery it’s just stunning. She could have had just a strapless dress without the lace which would have been really pretty but it’s the lace that made it beautiful.”

The Princess of Wales’s dress perfectly accentuated her figure, the stylist said. Hallie remarked: “She did that big V-neck so her shoulders look beautiful and squared and it nipped in at the waist so it really made her look itty bitty teeny. Which she is, but you’re accentuating it.”

Meghan’s dress, on the other hand, could have been taken in to accentuate her frame, the stylist said. Hallie told Express: “It almost does look like it should have had a quarter of an inch taken in, exactly in the same proportion, but just a little bit.”

The stylist did praise both dresses for their timelessness. She explained: “I do appreciate for both from a modesty standpoint, especially for young women. You can be beautiful and sexy in your own right without bearing a tonne of skin.

“I think what’s trending in bridal often, is like a nightgown like a little slip. Which is fine, but these are pictures you’re going to look at forever. So that is where this timelessness is.”

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Hallie recently claimed Meghan Markle’s wedding hair was a subtle assertion of her independence. She told Express: “I thought it was very pretty, but it did bother me a little bit that her hair was sort of falling. And a wedding’s not the time. I don’t think you want your hair loose and going astray.”

She claimed it was: “Like an exertion of her own independence in little microaggressions.”

Meghan’s dress was voted the most popular wedding dress of the decade in a poll run by Find Me A Gift. The poll analyses internet search volume.

The Duchess of Sussex’s gown was the most searched for, followed by Kate Middleton’s. Then came Hailey Bieber’s dress, Ariana Grande’s gown, and Ellie Goulding’s look.

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