Meghan Markle dresses down and opts for casual blue jeans for informal lunch – but still goes for 'dangerous' high heels

The Duchess of Sussex kept her look low-key with a pair of casual blue jeans, a navy coat and some Ray-Ban aviators to finish the look.

It’s the first time since her spectacular wedding to Prince Harry that the 37-year-old has been seen showcasing her street style.

Meghan was seen stepping out for lunch in Notting Hill in a pair of stonewashed blue jeans, believed to be from H&M’s Mama range.

Stylishly frayed at the knees, the Duchess turned her jeans up at the ankles to show off her ultra-high heels.

The last time Meghan was seen looking this dressed down was at the Invictus Games in 2017 where she sat alongside her beaming beau Prince Harry.

The skinny jeans she chose for her royal debut back then were similarly ripped at the knee and frayed at the hem—giving them a simultaneously stylish, cosy and a trendy feel.

Markle fans were quick to snap up the Looker Ankle Fray Love Gun jean for an eye-watering £177 ($228), and the look cemented Meghan’s place as a future fashion icon for millions of women worldwide.

In recent days, Meghan has been under intense scrutiny for repeatedly wearing high heels despite being more than six months pregnant.

After donning a pair of 5-inch Allura heels by Manolo Blahnik just a few days ago, a doctor warned the Duchess of the increased risk her fashion choices could have on her baby.

Speaking to Fabulous Online, Dr Sarah Jarvis said Meghan ran the risk of a "hard, straight" fall which could put "a lot of pressure on her stomach damaging the baby".

Dr Jarvis added that she "doesn't recommend women wear high heels later in pregnancy" because the ligaments in the body are already under enough strain preparing for birth.

"One of the most affected areas is the back," she said. "It's already prone to strain because your centre of gravity is shifted by baby-weight in front."

Wearing high heels in the later stages of pregnancy therefore makes expectant mothers "more prone to back pain and falls".

"What I would ask is, 'Is it worth putting yourself and your baby at risk for the sake of fashion?'"


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