Make-up expert amazes with her ‘gorgeous’ concealer technique

Kalondia Casey is a certified make-up artist who shares her expertise on her TikTok account @kalondiacasey in order to “help mature women feel inspired.” She recently demonstrated her best method for how to apply concealer in a way that can make women look younger.

Kalondia began her TikTok video by stating she gets “asked all the time” about how she applies her concealer, inspiring her to make her method public so fans can benefit too.

The MUA uses two different concealers to achieve the best look. She said: “I combine them, that’s the way I like to do it.”

In her video, Kalondia first used the Kulfi Crease Proof Long-Wear Hydrating Concealer, which can be bought for $26 (£21.40) at Sephora. She also used the Charlotte Tilbury Radiant Concealer, which is $33 (£27.15) at Sephora.

Kalondia said both products were the “Holy Grail” of concealers and highly recommended them.

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So, how does she create her look? Kalondia first used the Kulfi concealer to make a diagonal line near both ends of her eye, which looked almost like a ‘V’ shape. Later on in the video, Kalondia states: “Do not draw a moon shape because that is just going to accentuate those under-eye circles.”

After the two ‘V’ lines have been drawn, Kalondia then used the Charlotte Tilbury concealer and dabbed it in the middle of the two lines to connect them.

Kalondia has one special tip for those looking for a youthful look with concealer. She said that after you have drawn on the concealer “let it sit for 30 seconds.”

Kalondia said: “I do not touch it for 30 seconds.” After the time was up, she moved on to the next stage of putting on concealer.

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Kalondia said: “Now, I am going to take my finger, and I am going to start pressing this into my skin. The warmth of my finger and the warmth of the product on my skin will now mix beautifully together.” She then began gently blending in her concealer using her finger, which she quickly but lightly began to blend.

For the final stage of Kalondia’s concealer tips, she got out her make-up brush to blend some more. She said: “Now it’s time to take my brush if you know you know, but this is the BK Beauty brush, the A5O6.”

The make-up brush is called the Anie Hot and Flashy A5O6 concealer brush, and can be found on the BK Beauty website for $24 (£22). Kalondia said the brush is “My favourite concealer brush I have ever used.”

She then began to use the brush and said: “I bring it down onto my face, and blend that out. I then take my beauty sponge and just tap it in.”

Kalondia said: “And just like that, my make-up is finished. Concealer is not hard….Those are just my tips and tricks and I hope they help. “

She also repeated her most important tip and said: “(Remember). Let it warm up for 30 seconds and then start working it with your fingers because that really makes a difference.

Kalondia’s make-up advice has been greatly appreciated by both older and younger women, as many people in the TikTok comment section complimented her final look.

One person said the look had made Kalondia look “glowing and beautiful” while another person said: “Wow beautiful, I will have to try using two different concealers.”

Somebody else wrote: “You are gorgeous!” and one woman named Michelle wrote: “Can’t wait to try this, concealer is hard on mature skin.”

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