I've lived in a van with two cats for seven months – I walk them on leashes daily and got creative with the litter tray | The Sun

A DIGITAL nomad has inspired others to become solo adventurers after revealing how she does life on the road with her two cats.

Quin Gable (@quingable) spent time making her van pet-friendly before deciding to go solo traveling with her felines Atlas and Otto.

She has garnered over 1 million followers on TikTok where she shares breathtaking views of the places she has visited.

She took to the social media platform to reveal how her cats cope with living in a van after being bombarded with questions.

Quin Gable said: “Here’s how I live in a van with my two cats Atlas and Otto.

“Together we’ve lived in the van for over seven months and here is what I did to make it more cat-friendly.

“Since my cats love potty karate I wanted a taller litter box inside of an enclosed space.

“Plus I have scratch pads all over the place.”

She showed a large drawer in the van that is used to store a plastic container that she has turned into a litter tray meanwhile the cats clawed at the scratch pads.

She then took the felines outside for a walk in a picturesque area while keeping them on a leash.

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She said: “For exercise Atlas and Otto go outside every day.

“For safety, they have Tile trackers on their breakaway collars as well as a light-up collar for when it’s a little darker outside.

“Otto loves walking in his harness with a retractable leash.

“Whereas his brother Atlas absolutely hates it and prefers all the snuggles and cuddles.”

She captioned the post: “Living in a van with two cats! Here’s what I did to make my van cat-friendly! Any questions?”

She included the hashtags #solovanlife, #catlover, and #cattips.

Quin added: “My cats' safety is my #1 concern so I always make sure it’s cool enough!

“Plus we will hike in the morning so that they sleep awhile.”

Over 371,000 people liked the video and it quickly racked up a flood of comments. 

One person wrote: “POTTY KARATE! Leo and I are converting our bus right now. These are great tips. Thanks!”

Another commented: “OMG I LOVE YOUR VAN… your vibe is perfecto.”

A third chimed in: “Literally the dream.”



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A fourth said: “Maybe I should live in a van with my two cats, looks like fun.”

Another added: “Saved this video for when I become a crazy cat lady.”

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