I’ve got a great hack for frying chicken – people say it’s weird but it makes cleaning up so much easier | The Sun

WHEN it comes to frying chicken everyone has their own recipe and method.

One thing we can all agree on is the chicken should be well flavoured and crispy. 

But most of the time you're left with a very greasy and oily pan. 

Well there may be a better way.

One Tiktoker has shared a new way to use baking paper to make frying chicken so much easier. 

Youthinkyouknowme99 is a TikTok account with over 6000 followers, the account user shares cooking and lifestyle videos.

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In her video the account user is seen frying chicken in a pot which has been lined with baking paper. 

She said: “When I fry chicken everyone always asks me why I use the paper?"

She continued: “It basically so the chicken don't stick to the pot and makes cleaning the pot way more easier cause look [lifts up the paper].”

She explained: “When I finish frying and you just pick up and throw it in the bin and then all I’ve got to do is rinse out my pot because it all in here [the paper].” 

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The account user shows her pot is practically clean underneath the baking paper. 

And her chicken is still frying like normal.

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The video has now gone viral with over 4.9 million views. 

But there was a little confusion as to what type of paper the account user was using. 

Some viewers thought the account user was using writing paper.

One comment said: “I never knew you could do this. The paper doesn’t burn?”

The account user clarified: “I used baking paper. You can get it from any store. It is next to the foil and cling film etc.”

Many viewers had mixed responses to the cooking hack.

One commenter said: “Some things were meant to be done, like using your pots and washing them afterwards.” 

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A second commenter said: “This feels like it isn't a safe idea…..but I have no reason why it feels like that.”

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