I'm the world's cheapest millionaire…I don't pay for a cleaner – I have my ex-husband scrubbing the toilets instead

A CHEAPSKATE millionaire has revealed she has her ex-hubby scrubbing the toilets to save money on a cleaner.

With energy and food prices new sky-rocketing to new levels, many are looking for ways to cut costs wherever possible – and amongst them is Aimee Elizabeth, the self-dubbed Word's Cheapest Multi-Millionaire.

With a personal net worth of $5.3 (£4.2) million, this 50-year-old, from Las Vegas, entrepreneur refuses to throw a single penny down the drain.

Appearing on Extreme Cheapskates, Aimee, who after divorcing was given the large house by her ex-husband, said she likes nice, upscale furniture – but she didn't like paying for them.

Although she has the funds, the multi-millionaire had strict discipline and worked hard to stay well below a monthly budget of $1,000 (£800).

By refusing to buy anything new, she manages to save a whopping $200,000 (£160,000) annually.

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Even the kitchen sponge won't get thrown out until it's ''falling apart and rotting'' and to save money on water, she won't wash her cutlery either – she'll give them a wipe in a towel and put them back in the drawer.

Aimee also won't pay anyone to come and clean her home – after all, she has her ex-partner scrubbing the toilets for her free of charge.

''I'm glad to help her around the house with the cleaning.

''I do yard work, I drive her to her appointments once in a while.''

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Aimee certainly didn't mind this deal and said: ''This is like free exercise for him, keeps him in shape.

''Win-win-win all the way around.''

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As well as cleaning, water and energy, the money-saving millionaire also has found a way to spend less on food.

By swapping regular tuna with cat food, she saves 30 cents per can and she's more than willing to have her guests try the delicacy.

And whilst she might live in a lavish house with extravagant furniture,she certainly doesn't like splashing out on cars, as she'd rather spend four hours driving her 17-year-old vehicle than taking a short flight.

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Describing her habits and mentality, Aimee's ex-husband said: ''Aimee is one of those types that I think will never change her cheapskate ways because it's just been ingrained into her lifestyle for so long that that's the way she is.''

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