I’m proud of my belly rolls – trolls say they ‘aren’t feminine’ but my fans call me a goddess | The Sun

A YOUNG woman bursting with body positivity has taken trolls to task for their cruel comments.

She said she won't put up with the idea that fat rolls aren't "feminine" — and she's rocking the bikini to prove it.

The New York City resident dedicates her TikTok account to "helping YOU love YOU," and she clearly walks the walk.

In one video, Kailey Breyer (@kaileybreyer) filmed herself lounging in a green bikini on the beach, sipping water and enjoying the sun.

"Fat rolls aren't feminine," she wrote, quoting trolls' fatphobic and misogynistic comments.

In response to them, Kailey lip-synced to Doja Cat's song Woman, embodying the lyrics.

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"Mother Earth, Mother Mary rise to the top," she mouthed. "Divine feminine, I'm feminine."

In her caption, she added the hashtag #bodypositivity and the directive: "Swipe left for confidence."

Commenters are eating up her positive message, calling her "pretty," "angelic," and a "queen."

"Aphrodite the goddess of love and beauty had tummy rolls so if she proudly had them so can we," wrote one.

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Kailey has battled other trolls with grace, responding to one nasty comment on a past video that read: "Lose weight? That's better than deluding yourself to think you're good-looking."

"I love myself every way thank you," she told them.

Kailey admitted that people always ask her for her secret to loving herself so much.

"Have you ever seen two people argue about whose dog's cuter and neither of them are that cute?" she said.

"But the owner knows the dog so well and they love the love. That's how I love myself so much.

"In my head, I'm literally the most amazing person in the world," she said with a laugh.

"I'm laughing because I know that probably sounds crazy to you, but it's true. And it's because I see through all the looks, all the judgments, and I just see me for who I really am.

"I see my energy, I see my spirit and my soul. I just love who I am.

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"And so if you don't love who you are, it's probably because you're not seeing through all the outside stupid, materialistic crap, like where you live and how much money you have and what your body looks like and what your face looks like.

"Next time you look in the mirror, if you can see through to who you really are, you will fall in love with yourself."

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