I’m plus-size & don't care if haters call me fat, I won't stop wearing crop tops…I have a jiggly belly & I'm body goals | The Sun

A PLUS-SIZE woman says she doesn't care when people make rude remarks about her appearance, and it won’t stop her wearing crop tops or showing off her body.

Jerrin Nicole, from California, took to TikTok to share the nasty things that people have said about her.

Posting under the username @awkwardfatgirl, she said: “I got thick thighs and thin patience.” 

In one clip, Jerrin explained that she doesn’t care what the haters say about her body – as it won’t stop her wearing crop tops. 

Jerrin shared her video with the caption ‘Haters gone hate and I’m gone continue to be great.’

In the clip, Jerrin revealed comments that people have said about her when out in public.

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Firstly, the plus-size woman claimed that people will point at her in public and say: “Did you see that fat girl wearing a crop top?”

As well as this, the body positive woman noted that people will laugh at her and say: “Omg she looks terrible.” 

Not only this, but Jerrin revealed that women will rudely say: “She’s way too big to wear that.”

To this, she claimed that people will then remark: “Hahaha you mean way too FAT.”

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But Jerrin explained that she won’t let the haters get to her, as she described such people as “Two insecure basic b****s.”

Her clip has clearly shocked many, as it has racked up a whopping 439.5k views.

It has 106.7k likes, 209 comments and 464 shares.

Social media users flooded the comments, sharing messages of love and support for Jerrin. 

One person said: “People often judge coz they hate it when someone is confident and comfortable in something they are not, it’s envy all the way.” 

Another added: “Agreed! Insecure people are the only ones who judge people based on what they personally wouldn’t do.” 

Whilst a third commented: “I wear crop tops just to get them mad.” 

In another video, Jerrin wore a white crop top with a pair of black knickers.

She showed off her “fat girl” body and confidently sent a message of self-love to those that are struggling with body confidence.

She described herself as “body goals” and said: “Babes, he knows you have a stomach, he knows it's there.

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“And he knows that you have thighs that come with that stomach and cellulite on the side.

“He knows.” 

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