I’m plus-size and tried a string bikini – I’m proud of myself, women should get their bellies out, they're so cute | The Sun

A PLUS-SIZE woman has finally found the confidence to get her belly out and wear a string bikini.

It was a huge step for her, but now she's made it she is tickled pink.

She hopes her move will encourage other plus-size women to follow her lead.

Meg Garrod (@meggarrodart) has 38,000 followers and another 517,000 likes.

Her post came from her brightly-colorful home.

Pink was the dominant theme.

Her TikTok profile defined her intentions.

“Self-love and feminist illustrator," she wrote.

In her video, she wore pink-patterned bikini briefs and a midriff-baring green T-shirt.

The backdrop was dominated by many shades of pink: sofa, walls, and heart-shaped bunting.

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Standing proudly and confidently she made her case.

“This is your sign, if you are plus-size or have a belly, you can still wear string bikinis and low waists," she asserted.

“Get your belly out. It is so cute," she added.

Meg had come a long way on her journey to plus-size body positivity.

“Self-acceptance is a beautiful thing," she said.

“Proud of myself for even trying on a string bikini. Wish I could show 12-year-old me how far we’ve come.”

Commenters applauded her.

“You look amazing," said one person.

While the concluding remark thought she looked great. “Love that bikini. So cute," they said.

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