I’m plus size and it looks like I got a BBL at the front – who cares if I’m trolled, I love my great shape | The Sun

A PLUS SIZE woman has joked that her stomach is so big it looks like she's had a BBL… at the front.

Naomi took to TikTok to share a video of herself dancing around in a pair of grey joggers and vest top.

"How I felt after getting my BBL," she wrote over the clip.

She then turned round and waggled her fingers to indicate that she hadn't had the procedure – which increases the size of the derriere – on her bottom.

Naomi then turned around to show her front, as she showed off the words: "Stop looking at my butt" on the front of her trousers.

"Happy!" she captioned her video.

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And while lots of people admitted they'd been left giggling by the clip, others weren't quite as complimentary.

"Get a gastric sleeve instead," one wrote.

But others in the comments section praised Naomi for sharing the fun video.

"Your videos seriously always put a smile on my face," one wrote.

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"Naomi you're too funny!" someone else said.

"I love it !! you look beautiful," another added.

"And you look so beautiful too with that glow you have going on baby girl," a fourth praised.

"Iconic," someone else wrote.

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